The Flutterwave Payment Protection Promise.

Whenever you shop online and see the Flutterwave logo, we want you to feel confident and secure in your choice.

That’s why we are providing you with a guarantee that ensures that you are protected every time you spend with Flutterwave. We guaranty that you will be protected if the item or service you paid for didn’t arrive, is faulty or damaged or doesn’t match what was listed.

Our promise.

You will always be eligible to receive a full refund of your purchase, provided that your payment scenario is covered by our Payment Protection Promise.

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Log your claim for a refund

After you log your claim against a merchant, we will contact the merchant and give you a response on your claim within 24 hours or as soon as we get a response from the merchant.

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Clear communication

We will always communicate the final resolution of a claim to you within 24 hours of you logging it.

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Options to receive your funds

We will provide you with options to receive your disputed funds if the claim is ruled in your favor

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Timely receipt of funds

When your claim is approved, you will get your money within 24 hours.

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Safety and security guaranteed

At Flutterwave, we take security seriously so every payment made on our platform is 100% secure, even exceeding industry standard.

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Blacklist fraudulent merchants

If a merchant is found to be repeatedly fraudulently charging you and other users, we will ensure that they are unable to continue perpetrating such services through Flutterwave’s technology, and report them to the appropriate authorities.

What is covered.

All payments and Flutterwave initiated transfers made to merchants for the provision of goods and services are covered by the Flutterwave Consumer protection promise.

  • Payments for items that adhere our terms of service. See here
  • Payments for items to Flutterwave merchants that were processed via the Flutterwave gateway.
  • Payments for transactions within 60 days after the transaction date.
  • This policy is only in effect for Flutterwave businesses in Nigeria, i.e businesses transacting in Naira.

What is not covered.

As much as we want to protect you and your money, there are scenarios that our promise will not be able to provide cover for.

  • Payments for items that violate our terms of service. See here
  • Payments for items to Flutterwave merchants that were not processed via the Flutterwave gateway.
  • Payments for transactions processed over 60 days after the transaction date.
  • Payments for items delivered exactly as described by the seller- you changed your mind after a purchase and after the merchant’s refund promise has elapsed.
  • Payments for transactions that have previously been disputed by your bank’s chargeback process.
  • Payments for damage or loss that occurs to goods after they are delivered to the destination you provided to your seller (including a freight forwarder).

Our refund guarantee.

You can get a refund for a product or service you paid for if:

  • If you have paid a merchant, and you have not received the expected value in the time stipulated by the merchant, your payment is covered and protected under our payment protection promise.
  • You can file a claim against a merchant if you did not authorize the transaction.
  • You can file a claim against a merchant if you did authorize the transaction, but didn’t receive what you were expecting.

Filing a claim

You can file a claim against a merchant if you have reached out to the merchant regarding a dispute You can file a claim against a merchant if you have reached out to the merchant regarding a dispute and provided them with 24 hours to respond and any of the following scenarios apply:

  • The merchant failed to deliver the items within the maximum estimated delivery date communicated to you.
  • You received the item, but the item was defective, damaged, or not the item depicted in the merchant’s description.
  • The merchant did not accept the return of the item despite you being in accordance with the return policy or on their own website/page/app.
  • The merchant has charged an amount greater than the amount you authorized for your purchase.
  • You returned the item to the merchant per an agreement between you both and the merchant has not provided the agreed upon reimbursement after receiving the item (You have provided the merchant with 14 days to issue a refund from their receipt of the returned item). If you refuse a delivery, your claim may not be covered.

Timeframes to keep in mind when making a claim.

  • You are obliged to wait 1 day from the expected delivery date to submit a claim. If your claim is for the delivery of an instant service like Airtime, you must wait 12 hours.
  • From that point, you have 60 days to submit the claim.
  • If you receive your item and it is damaged, defective, or materially different, you must contact the merchant within 1 day of receipt to request return information.

How to log a claim.

There are two main ways to log a claim, you can either do this 100% on your own through our disputes page,, or you can let any of our agents know whenever you reach out to us through our email or via twitter at @FLWSupport

Self service

  1. Visit our disputes page on and provide your details.
  2. Click through on the disputed transaction.
  3. Click the ‘Dispute this payment’ button.
  4. Provide your details as well as all the information requested.
  5. Look out for the correspondence from us through the process, we will send this via email and SMS.

Support channels

  1. Send us a message through any of our support channels - Twitter, Facebook, Email, Live chat.
  2. Provide us with as much detail as possible.
  3. Let us know you want to log a claim against the merchant.
  4. Look out for the correspondence from us through the process via email and SMS.

What we collect and how we use it.

In order to investigate and provide you with a timely resolution on a claim, we can ask you to provide the following details :

Transaction method

Partial details of your card, account number, MOMO number, or Mpesa number. This allows us to easily find all the transactions that have been attempted against your account and find the transaction in question. This also gives us a way to send your refund back to you if the resolution is in your favour.

Email address and phone number

This allows us to contact you through the process. We can also use this to help you find any transactions that have been initiated with your details.

What happens if we can’t pay up?

In circumstances that are not covered by our payment protection promise, or if after investigation, we find that there is no validity to the claim that has been raised, and you still believe that you should be refunded, our arbitration process will kick in and we will attempt to mediate between you and the merchant.

If after the arbitration process, you still believe that you should be refunded, we encourage you to seek redress in a civil court against the merchant in question.

Flutterwave will continue to do our best to ensure that all complaints come to a natural and logical conclusion.

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