Flutterwave + Zoho

Learn how to Integrate Flutterwave with Zoho in 8 easy steps.

Flutterwave provides online payment services where individuals and enterprises can receive and disburse payment in a seamless and easy way. Flutterwave + Zoho Books integration enables merchants to track their sales and consolidated payments they receive on a daily basis.

Why Integrate Flutterwave with Zoho Books?

Track payments you receive on sales through your Flutterwave account. All these transactions are a virtual projection in your Zoho Books account, paving way for an easy reconciliation process.

  • Track all transactions taking place in your Flutterwave account through Zoho Books.
  • Track sales that occur in Zoho Books through your Flutterwave account.
  • Flutterwave + Zoho Books integration gives merchants access to easy cash flow reconciliation of market places transactions all at a glance.
  • Get accurate and efficient balancing of accounts with reduced deficit on all accounts statements.
  • Track the amount Flutterwave owes you for any transaction.
  • Track the fees Flutterwave charges you.
  • Merchants get payments into an added bank account on Zoho Books while awaiting an agreed-upon settlement. This is not technically a loan but an advance against future receivables.


Sync the information from your Flutterwave account to Zoho Books to keep track of your sales and the money Flutterwave owes you. You can select the appropriate accounts from your Chart of Accounts to track sales and Flutterwave fees.

To get started, follow the link: https://plugin.flutterwave.com.

plugins page
  • After clicking “GET STARTED”, the next page navigates you to Flutterwave log in page. You will be asked to enter your Flutterwave credentials to connect Zoho Books.
    flutterwave login screen
  • Click on “Connect to Zoho” to connect Zoho Books.
    connect screen
  • The next page navigates you to Zoho Books log in page. You will be asked to enter your Zoho Books credentials to connect Flutterwave.
    zoho signin screen
  • Configure settings to sync Flutterwave transactions on Zoho Books.
    configure button screen
  • Select appropriate credit and debit account to track fees and sales and save. Click on “Back to Dashboard” to return.
    configure screen
  • Click “Back to Dashboard to return.
    back to dashboard screen
  • Click on “Manual Sync” to sync Flutterwave transactions on Zoho Books.
    sync screen
    The image below shows sample response after syncing.
    sync response screen
  • Go to Zoho Books, the Chart of accounts section to view synced transactions in the appropriate accounts selected previously.
    transactions screen

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