Issue physical and virtual cards that work globally.

Create, launch, and manage cards easily from anywhere with Flutterwave Issuing.

Leverage support that helps you grow; designed for freelancers, small businesses, and large corporate entities.

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Our offerings

Get access to better expense management, introduce new revenue lines, create new businesses, and cards for international payment.

Virtual Dollar and Naira card service

Lets businesses integrate Flutterwave APIs or dashboard to instantly create and manage virtual cards.

Create cards

Physical Naira Cards

Request and manage physical cards for your customers or your employees.

Get physical cards

Business Spend Management Platform

Control and manage employee expenses — from per diems to wellness benefits.

Manage expenses

For Fintechs and Challenger Banks

Create new businesses and increase your revenue.


Build a new product or business line in days that is supported globally or in a specific country.


Design how your virtual or physical cards should look.


Create your controls; how and where can they be used? or how much can be loaded and spent?


Generate single or multiple-use cards and leverage our payment infrastructure to fund instantly.

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Small & Medium Enterprises

Small & Medium Enterprises


See clear insights on how much is spent where and by whom.


Create entertainment and gift cards for your employees.


Create cards to instantly use your funds to grow your business.

Corporate Bodies

Manage and grow your company's finance culture.

Salaries and Payment

Pay staff, interns, and recurring service providers instantly (at any time) so they can access salaries even on weekends.


Create entertainment and gift cards for your employees to rejuvenate and focus on growing the business.


See how much money is spent when, where and by whom.

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Safety and security guaranteed.

We take extreme measures to ensure that every payment made on our platform is 100% secure, as well as exceeding industry standard.

ISO 27001 Certification

The ISO 27001 certification means that we have acceptable business practices and processes, including a robust business continuity plan.

PADSS Certification

This certification is proof that Rave as a payment gateway processor has satisfied highest level of Security Audit.

We have the required licenses for the following:

  • International Money Transfer license
  • USSD License
  • NCC USSD License

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