Stay Home, Remain Global: How you can sell on Amazon from Lagos, Nigeria

Simplifying payments for endless possibilities. We thought we’d start this by sharing our mission statement. This mission statement is responsible for all the audacious innovation we’ve produced so far, and this new service is yet another move towards achieving our mission. Before we proceed though, should you even be selling on Amazon? The answer is […]

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How to Brand Your Flutterwave Store (A Comprehensive Checklist)

If you’re reading this, it might be because you created a Flutterwave Store and you want to get the most of out of your store. You could also be thinking about creating your own store, and are doing some research. No matter what your goal is, you have come to the right place. We’re going to share […]


One Year Later: How good is Flutterwave’s ‘Pay with Bank Transfer?’

9 weeks after we launched “Pay With Bank Transfer” we published this post asking how good it was. The first question we knew you had was whether there were people using it, so we answered: 20,000+ in the first 9 weeks. Fast-forward a year later and we want to find out how well this feature […]


5 Books to Read in 2020 by Roving Heights | The Flutterwave Blog

Let’s be frank, the 2nd quarter of the year was a rude shock in every sense of the word. No one saw the many dramas and adverse effects of the pandemic coming. However, as expected of humans, we are adjusting and embracing the new normal.  As the second half kicks off with fresh hopes and […]


Your Sales are Poor because you’re guilty of these 5 sins

Nothing kills your business faster than poor cashflow. Poor cashflow could be as a result of a lot reasons, but top of the list is poor sales. A lot of times your sales are poor because: You don’t communicate your product’s proposition clearly “We have Jollof rice available for sale. Buy a plate and get […]

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