How to sell 200+ books in just over a week, right in the middle of a global pandemic: The Mmirinzo Story

“Mmirinzo: The ones who are rain,” is Achalugo Chioma Ezekobe‘s debut novel. The story which explores predestination, reincarnation, and the stereotype eyeing of unmarried women nearing their thirties in Nigeria, among other themes, is becoming a sensational hit so we’re exploring how it’s gotten this far. Start writing short stories, a blog, anything Although “Mmirinzo: […]

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Selling on social media with an Online Store vs Selling on social media without one, which is best for you?

Considering that with the Flutterwave Store, we’ve seen a few thousand online stores up and running so the conclusion of this article might seem a done deal. But we’re here to honestly explore the pros and cons of selling on social media with an online store like Flutterwave Store and selling on social media without […]


Top 5 reasons customers don’t patronize you on social media

The honest truth is that business like every other worthwhile endeavour is not a walk in the park so some resistance is expected. However, you might be making your path even tougher by being guilty of a few things that put customers off. We made a list of 5 things you must avoid to improve […]


Our First TV Commercial

This has been a long time coming, some would say, it’s even long overdue.  But it’s finally here, our first TV ad!  Our mission has always been to simplify payments, in doing this we are able to give consumers easier access, businesses the opportunity to grow revenue and reach, which obviously has positive effects on […]


An Update About Barter Updates

The Barter Team has been busy, and now we’ve got updates! TL;DRBarter is even more amazing than you remember! We’ve updated the app, fixed bugs, improved the overall user experience.And, in furtherance of our #KeepTheLightsOn initiative, we are making it free to send money to anyone anywhere in Africa. We figure the continent could use […]

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