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12 min read

We asked the Internet: Battling Imposter Syndrome as a Developer

You may or may not know the term ‘Imposter Syndrome’ and if you do, you know how big a deal it is for people right now in the tech scene and other scenes. It’s something that many people experience without even having reason to – and we have not figured out a way to tackle it, so […]

8 min read

Friendly fraud: Mitigating its footprints on global e-commerce

As the e-commerce sector grows bigger and bigger, more online businesses are beginning to encounter different challenges – among which is friendly fraud. While the argument exists that not much is done to protect businesses, it’s important to examine the root cause of friendly fraud, its long term implications and how merchants, as well as […]

3 min read

Let's Go Serverless

What does it mean to go serverless? Serverless computing is a cloud computing execution model in which a cloud provider runs the server, and dynamically manages the allocation of machine resources. Cloud computing can be a bit overwhelming when looking for the right service to use, like AWS ( Amazon Web Services) which offers a […]

11 min read

Handling Split Payments with Rave

No currency is assumed in this article Welcome to yet another article on Rave. From the title, we already know what we’re here for 😃. Rave’s split payment feature allows you to split a transaction between two (2) or more accounts and collect your appropriate fees on the transaction. A typical scenario is when you […]

6 min read

Web Scraping With Ruby on Rails

rails new scrapertutorial –database=postgresql That creates a folder named scrapertutorial with all our Rails files in it. Just to test that everything installed properly and working fine, `cd` into your new project folder and run `rails server` to your app working. Now, let’s install the Ruby gems we will be using. We’ll need the Nokogiri […]

7 min read

Optimizing The Rave Dashboard For Usability And Speed

Web dashboards are a commonplace tool on the internet nowadays. With a plethora of apps and services, you need a way to monitor your data anywhere and be up to date. The same applies to the Rave dashboard which serves over 24,000 businesses and individuals using our product.  Merchants who use our dashboard today, use […]

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