Product Updates

Product updates on how Indivduals and Business Owners can grow their business while accepting payments globally.

Introducing the Flutterwave Payments Protection Promise

Good news for payers on Flutterwave! Today, we’re introducing our Payments Protection Promise, which is our commitment to you to secure your money and provide the peace of mind you need when shopping online and paying with Flutterwave.  Shopping online is nothing new to most of us, unfortunately, the uncertainty that sometimes comes with patronising […]


What you need to know about the Flutterwave Payment Protection Promise as a Business on Flutterwave

“Satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement” – G.S. Alag As businesses we recognize that customer satisfaction is the major ingredient required for success and that is why we are very focused on satisfying our customers. And because, your customers are, by extension, our customers; we have made them a promise in order to […]


Flutterwave Store Update: How Delivery Note is going to give your Customers more options and grow your Business

Our mission at Flutterwave is, and remains “simplifying payments for endless possibilities.” This to us means that every product, every feature, every move is a step towards creating endless possibilities for you. The Flutterwave Store is a reflection of this. We’ve seen interesting ways people use the Flutterwave Store and we’ve just added even more […]


Important Update: Barter’s New Card Creation and Stability Fixes

Following recent events, the Barter team redirected its efforts towards stabilizing the app and improving its performance, while we work towards the ultimate goal of restoring card services to expectation. Today we released a stability update that packs in considerable performance improvements.Here’s What’s Changed: Bug fixes We identified and fixed 39 bugs reported by customers. […]


Multiple Product Images: Show more and Sell more on your Flutterwave Store

If the best tasting food doesn’t look good to the eyes, it’s always a struggle to get the uninitiated to try it. Everyone in the food business knows this, that’s why restaurants and other food businesses invest in product photography. However, this concept doesn’t apply to food only. It applies to virtually every business. Great […]


Africa to the World: Your Flutterwave Account can now be used to collect your earnings from Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, etc.

Simplifying payments for endless possibilities. We thought we’d start this by sharing our mission statement. This mission statement is responsible for all the audacious innovation we’ve produced so far, and this new service is yet another move towards achieving our mission. Endless possibilities for us means that nothing should get in between you and achieving […]

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