Public Statement regarding erroneous publications by Thisday, Nairametrics and Arise TV

Our attention has been drawn to false quotes by Thisday, Nairametrics and Arise TV which have been erroneously attributed to our Board Chairman, Tunde Lemo. Contrary to these reports, this interview never happened. Our payment platforms are up and running efficiently, as usual. Merchant payouts and collections are running seamlessly. Our consumer product, Barter by […]


7 Things You Should Consider Before Starting a Business

Happy New Year and welcome to a new decade [it sounds lovely to say, and we don’t want to resurrect that argument about it not being a new decade again]. It’s a new year and while you are working through your 2020 goals, you’re probably trying to figure out more ways to increase your income. […]


Secure Online Payments | How is Flutterwave Safe?

You work hard for your money, and when it comes to making payments you want to be sure that you are not leaving sensitive information on any platform that can be used against you in the future.  It’s why you might be averse to using your debit or credit card to make payments. You’re right […]



The Internet has improved global interactions and made the world a global village with the free exchange of information, ideas, skills, culture and technology. However, it also raises a number of personal security risks. Some internet users (for various reasons) prey on other users and cause havoc which affect not only personal interests but also commercial […]


5 goods that African merchants can export to China

Now that Flutterwave has opened up 1 billion Chinese customers to African merchants by successfully integrating Alipay, it’s time to shift attention to how African Merchants can actually benefit.   We came up with a list of our top 5 goods that African Merchants can export to China. This list isn’t a list of China’s biggest […]


How to Accept Payments Online

Whether you are a small business or individual, accepting payments online is safe, secure and easy to set up. The first step is to decide how you will accept payments online. Do you have a website? Do you sell through your Instagram account? Not sure?  Here are some ways you can accept payments online: On […]

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