How good is Flutterwave's 'Pay with Bank Transfer?'

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It’s been 9 weeks since we introduced the “Flutterwave Pay With Bank Transfer” payment method and we can tell you, it’s great!

Firstly, do customers use Flutterwave Pay with Bank Transfer?

Simple answer – YES.

In its first 9 weeks, Flutterwave Pay with Bank Transfer has witnessed 20,000+ transactions.

Flutterwave Pay with Bank Transfer is available to Nigerian merchants only and hasn’t been selected by the majority of our merchants (yeah, it does take a while to get merchants to accept new methods).

However, the number of transactions isn’t its real measure of success.

Its real measure of success is its almost 100% success rate not on some, many or most but on ALL Flutterwave Pay with Bank Transfer payment method transactions.

Yes, you heard us right, almost 100% on ALL transactions.

So, what did we do right?

  • Basically, we created a system that allows our merchants to take advantage of a payment method that their customers are used to and love to use.

See: “The value of transactions via the Nigeria Interbank Settlement System Instant payment (NIBSS) system rose to N41.48tn in the first five months of 2019. This is a 36% increase in the value of the transactions when compared with N30.448tn in the first five months of 2018.

  • Poor user education is a major part of transaction failure rate but with Flutterwave Pay with Bank Transfer, customers don’t need much education to complete transactions.
  • Trust. Due to news about card fraud and similar issues, poor trust in card systems does hamper card transactions.

There’s a lot more that’s gone on under the hood and there’s a lot more going on but we’re grateful to our merchants, our merchants’ customers and everyone who’s proving Flutterwave Pay with Bank Transfer right! Here’s to much more!