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How Copia is Making Life Easier for Kenyans Living in Rural Communities.

With the coronavirus pandemic hampering a lot of physical commercial activities across the world, a lot of businesses moved into the e-commerce space to join other existing companies. However, a major challenge for these companies is delivery, especially delivery to rural communities. E-commerce companies tend to forget about rural communities when targeting audiences to become […]


The Story of Chimfunshi Sanctuary: An Orphanage for Chimpanzees in Zambia

In the year 1983, a ranger rescued a baby chimpanzee from poachers who had smuggled the animal from DR Congo. He took the baby chimpanzee to a farm owned by some family members, they nursed the chimp-nicknamed “Pal” back to health. People from all over started bringing abused and orphaned chimps and by 1988 they […]


How Kigali Farmers and Artisan Market Grew Their Online Presence Amidst COVID-19

Kigali Farmers And Artisans Market is an Impact Entrepreneurship programme which was created to bring together farmers and artisans operating in Rwanda, as well as other African countries, intending to bridge the gap between producers and consumers. They serve as an avenue where local farmers and artisans interact to sell their fresh farm produce, art […]


5 Things You Need to Know about the Flutterwave and Betway Partnership

Nigerians call it football. Americans call it soccer, and this has been a great point of contention among football fans, worldwide. But that is not the story for today. The story is that Nigerians can now increasingly earn from their passion for sports and football, and Flutterwave is making this seamless. We have partnered with […]


4 Ways to Live a Healthier Lifestyle with Medplus 

You’re probably wondering what a payments tech company is doing by publishing a story about health.  Well, the first and most important reason is health is wealth.  We interviewed one of our partners, Medplus Nigeria on the ways to live a healthier lifestyle.  Ebere Nwachukwu, a Pharmacist with Medplus, was available to give tips on […]


3 Major tips that will prevent you from contracting COVID-19.

Medplus is Nigeria’s foremost health, beauty & lifestyle brand. You can shop for COVID-19 Essentials at our stores or on & visit us for more!

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