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20 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Flutterwave Stores

With Father’s Day just a couple of days away, we can bet that you’re ready to “win Father’s Day” this year. The secret to winning and showing appreciation for dad, is gifting very unique items you know he will appreciate. We’ve selected 20 gifts we think are unique enough to make dad feel good. A […]


Do you Trove? Do you know what it means to Trove?

Trove /trəʊv/ verb verb: Trove; 3rd person present: Troves; past tense: Troved; To become a global investor with the tap of a button. A global investor, investing in American, Chinese and Nigerian stocks, Bonds, ETFs, “I trove ₦10,000 monthly.” “He troves every extra cash he makes.” Yes, Trove allows you to become a global investor […]