Better is not enough, so we made some changes to Barter…

Over the last couple of months, we have been building an improved, better version of Barter based on your feedback, and we are happy to announce today that this all-new version of Barter is now ready for download on your app store.

First of all, nobody likes bugs, so we went bug hunting and squashed a few of them. You will notice a faster, smoother, more responsive Barter.

Here’s what else is different:


  • The updated notifications page now shows you all the notifications you receive on Barter, in addition to your requests.
  • You can now filter your notifications to only show you requests.

Profile & Settings

  • We renamed the Profile page to Settings because, well, this one is a little obvious isn’t it? We also added a few extra settings.
  • We included a setting to help you manage your saved cards. You can now add and delete multiple cards.
  • We included a setting for you to decide whether or not to charge your saved card if your Barter balance is insufficient for a transaction.
  • We also included a setting for subscribing and unsubscribing to Barter Premium.

Account Statement

  • You can now generate your Barter account statement from the Settings page and have it sent to your registered email address. You’re welcome.
Barter Premium

Barter Premium

  • You can now subscribe to a bouquet of premium-only features with our new Barter Premium service.
  • Premium users can create unlimited Dollar cards; as many as they need.
  • You can now automatically increase your daily transfer limit to ₦200,000 by signing up for Barter Premium.
  • Premium users are now differentiated with a tick.
    • Premium is only available to Nigerian users at this time.

Request Money

  • You can now send a reminder to someone who has not responded to your request to nudge them to action.
  • You can now send a request for money even to people who are not Barter users.

Dollar Cards

  • You can now make partial withdrawals from the money in your dollar cards.
  • Premium users can create an unlimited number of Dollar cards.


  • You can now fund your Barter directly from any of your bank apps by sending money to a personalized account number.
  • Funding with your bank card now comes with a small 1% fee.


  • You can now access loans and loan services from kwikmoney directly from within the app.

Transaction Details Page

  • When you tap a transaction to view its details, we have added the option to pay for the same transaction again.

Block User

  • If you’re getting spammed by requests from a certain user, you can block them and never hear from them again.
  • We hope you continue to enjoy using Barter as much as much as we enjoy building it for you.

With ❤,
The Barter Team at Flutterwave


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