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Updates on what's new on Barter and Tips on how to live your best life, while managing your finance brought to you by the Flutterwave Team.

Less Awkward Ways to Ask for your Money Back – and Get It

If you want to know what is the best way to ask for your money without being impolite and above all, get your money back? then visit us for information!


An Update About Barter Updates

The Barter Team has been busy, and now we’ve got updates! TL;DRBarter is even more amazing than you remember! We’ve updated the app, fixed bugs, improved the overall user experience.And, in furtherance of our #KeepTheLightsOn initiative, we are making it free to send money to anyone anywhere in Africa. We figure the continent could use […]


Understanding Payments: Card Maintenance Fees

What are Card Maintenance Fees, and why do your financial institutions keep charging you for them, even though they know you hate it? Read this post; it’s important. Everybody hates card maintenance fees. Even us. But what are these fees and why do financial services businesses keep charging them even though their customers don’t like […]


How to create a Dollar card with ease.

Owning a local debit card is a struggle sometimes, especially when you want to shop online internationally. And the Banking Halls? The crowds, the queues, the endless forms! Hell! Now say this: “ALL MY CARD PROBLEMS ARE OVER.” Enter… Barter Virtual Dollar Card. That’s our solution. Barter virtual dollar cards allow you to make payments […]


A uniform premium experience for everyone

Barter Premium is gone Last year, we introduced Barter Premium and Barter Classic to our Nigerian users. Barter premium offered select premium features at a monthly fee of $1.38. Over the past couple of months, however, based on your feedback, we’re deprecating Barter Premium in favour of giving everyone access to the features to create […]


Barter Got a Mini-Facelift & We Love That You’re Loving It

We’re always working to improve how Barter works and looks, so we made some changes to the in-app card menu and transaction categorization.  The question was: “How can we improve the experience with Barter without essentially taking out all its elements?” Quite a task, but we did that! CARD MENU PAGE The new card menu […]

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