How to make your online payment process simple for customers

If there is one attribute most successful businesses have, it is their strong commitment to customer success. Good customer service is vital for every business, considering the presence of substitutes of products and services, it is easy for customers or potential customers to transact with other businesses whenever there is dissatisfaction. Making the payment process […]

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Shopping simple and global with Kuueza

Africans living in the diaspora regularly search for and buy African products ranging from food, health products, and clothing. It is a fast-growing market segment, not just in Africa, but also among Africans in the diaspora. Can you just imagine what could happen if entrepreneurs and business owners on the African continent can tap into […]


Have you tried turning your expertise into a profitable online course?

It is one thing to be an expert in a particular subject matter and another to know how to make money from your knowledge. In this article, we share some valuable points from one of our Grow My Business webinars, where Stephanie Obi talked about “Turning Your Expertise Into A Profitable Online Course.” You need […]


Public Statement regarding erroneous publications by Thisday, Nairametrics and Arise TV

Our attention has been drawn to false quotes by Thisday, Nairametrics and Arise TV which have been erroneously attributed to our Board Chairman, Tunde Lemo. Contrary to these reports, this interview never happened. Our payment platforms are up and running efficiently, as usual. Merchant payouts and collections are running seamlessly. Our consumer product, Barter by […]


Customer Service Week: 3 Key Ways to Delight Your Customers in 2020

Customer service is not only about what you do. More often than not, it is about what your customers think of what you do. Many things get lost in that grey area between what you do and what your customers experience or how they experience it. Customer service is all about perception and we will […]

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