Make referrals, Get paid.

Flutterwave Referrals are your chance to make passive income that actually counts when you recommend African & Global businesses to us.

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Get paid per transaction

Get businesses and freelancers to use Flutterwave on their website, social media bios and emails so that you keep earning money with us.

For every transaction made by merchants you refer, we will deposit 0.1% of that amount to your Flutterwave Account.

All it takes is 3 simple steps - It’s that easy!

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Sign in to your Flutterwave account

Signing in is the first step of the Flutterwave referral process. If you have an existing Flutterwave account, go to referrals at the bottom left of your screen.

If you do not have a Flutterwave account yet, you can create one, free of charge.

Create an account now
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Copy your Flutterwave referral link

On your Flutterwave dashboard, locate Referrals at the bottom left of your acreen, and click on it to copy your referral link.

This link is what will enable us track what merchants were referred by you to our platform.

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Share your Flutterwave referral Link

Share this referral link with businesses and freelancers in and out of your network that need a superfast, seamless and easy way to receive payments. Then, watch your money grow!

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Grow your business with Flutterwave


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